Track the use of materials 
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Trade Chimp is great for connecting all those material lists and supplier invoices with the right job – so you’ve got a record of everything you’ve used, and know exactly what you need to add to the invoice.

This isn’t some complicated, time-consuming inventory system. It’s really quick and easy to use – just upload the information about what you’ve used on the job to Trade Chimp, either from your paper records or through the app, and it’s there, where it should be, forever.


Keeping track of all the materials will really benefit your business in terms of:

  • Organisation – providing a permanent and secure record of everything that’s been used on every job

  • Invoicing – know what you’ve spent, and what you need to charge

  • Profit margins – tracking the mark-up you’re making

  • Choosing suppliers – understanding what you’re spending, and where you can save