Quicker, easier invoicing
Invoicing icon.png

Do you spend hours each month sifting through the paperwork and totting up the figures on a calculator or spreadsheet before invoicing?

With Trade Chimp – you won’t have to.

Trade Chimp is designed to cut the time you spend gathering all the data together for your invoicing. With a few clicks, you can generate a quick, easy report, detailing all the information needed to raise an invoice – including:

  • Time records

  • Material lists

  • Supplier invoices


The system will even provide you with guidance on how much you should bill for each job – based on the charge out rates for each of your technicians.


Trade Chimp isn’t a complex accountancy package, and it won’t generate your invoices for you – but it will save you hours of time, stress and hassle every week on a thankless task.