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Identify your most (and least) profitable activities 

Your business figures don’t lie! Don’t trust your gut instinct – find out where you’re really making money with Trade Chimp.


Each month, Trade Chimp automatically generates an easy to understand business intelligence report, packed with real insight into how you are performing.

In it, you’ll find clear information about:

  • Customers & jobs – understand exactly where all your work is coming from

  • Profit – identify the customers, jobs and types of work that are making you the most money

  • Efficiency – know which jobs and customers are paying the most (and the least) for your time


Armed with this info, you’ll be able to see where to focus your efforts and make easy changes to improve your business performance.


By cutting out problem customers, tweaking your business focus and developing your most profitable relationships, you’ll be able to work smarter – making more money from each hour you work, and maximising your profits.