Record your technicians time
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Track, record and store all of the hours that your technicians work on Trade Chimp – so you’ve got everything organised, together and in one place when it comes to payroll and invoicing.

Data from paper timesheets can be transferred quickly and easily through the platform, or your technicians can use the Trade Chimp app to upload timesheets directly – so you don’t have to.

With all your timesheets safely stored together on Trade Chimp, you’ll be able to:

  • Quickly see how many hours each technician has worked

  • Keep track of holidays

  • Total the hours for each job, so you know what to invoice

  • Check on old jobs

  • Have the data on hand to tackle customer queries

Ultimately, it will help you manage your business – saving you time, money, stress and administrative effort, whilst cutting down on paperwork and securing your data.