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Know the value of your on-going jobs

When you’re managing multiple jobs or a team of technicians, it can be hard to keep track. Money gets tied up in on-going work, affecting your cash flow and increasing your stress levels, as you constantly try to work out how much you’re owed.

Trade Chimp will take away the uncertainty, reduce stress levels and give you real peace of mind – telling you exactly how much money you have tied up, and which jobs it’s tied to.

With this information at your fingertips, you’ll be able to:

  • Prioritise your workload – know which jobs are in your interest to finish first

  • Manage your resources – focus your manpower where it’s needed most

  • Improve cash-flow – streamline invoicing and reduce the amount of money tied up in your jobs

  • Take control – get a better view on your business


The result is no more worrying about how much money is coming in, and more money in your pocket.