What is Trade Chimp

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Trade Chimp is an easy to use job management software package designed specifically for tradespeople and small trades businesses with 1-9 people.

It will help your business stay organised, cut admin, track business performance and improve profitability.


Trade Chimp is:

  • Simple – the software is really easy to use. It’s streamlined and simple, with all the features you need, and nothing more.

  • Designed for trades – Trade Chimp has been designed specifically for tradespeople, fitting seamlessly into the way you do business, with no extra effort required.

  • Cost-effective – it’s £25 per month, with no contract and will reduce the time each week you waste on paperwork. It pays for itself.

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What it does for you

Trade Chimp will benefit your business in two ways:


Managing your jobs

It provides a place for you to quickly and easily store all the data found in your paperwork – like timesheets, diaries and invoices.

Simply enter it on the system, and it’s there forever, all in one place. This improves organisation, streamlines your paperwork, and cuts your admin.


Business intelligence

Trade Chimp takes all the data you enter, analyses it, and provides you with interesting, useful reports about your business in terms of:

  • Where your profit is coming from

  • Who your best customers are

  • Which of your employees generate the most profit

  • How much time you’re spending on jobs


You don’t have to do anything extra to get this report – it happens automatically.

Why you need it 


If you’re a tradesperson, or run a small trades business, then Trade Chimp will help make your life easier, and make you more money.

Trade Chimp will:

  • Improve your organisation – helping you to track all your jobs, work, hours, materials, invoices and timesheets in a single, easy to use platform.

  • Save you time and money – cutting the amount of time you spend on admin and paperwork.

  • Make invoicing and payroll easier – with everything in one, easy and accessible place.

  • Maximise your profits – showing you where you’re making money, and how you can make more with the same amount of effort.


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